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April 13, Hillfield-Strathallen College - The Arrogant Worms!

About April 13, Hillfield-Strathallen College

Previous Entry April 13, Hillfield-Strathallen College Apr. 14th, 2012 @ 06:43 am
Hey everyone! Did anyone go to the show last night? I did! And I wrote about it! Part 1 is here:

(I split it into two parts because it was getting longggggg)

.Arrogant Worms

Hillfield-Strathallen College, April 13 2012.

Subtitle: When you want something to happen, you MAKE. IT. HAPPEN.

Sub-Subtitle: This is REALLY REALLY LONG. 

When I first heard about this concert back in January, I knew it would fall right in exam period. But I hoped that I wouldn’t have an exam that day. It was only one day. Just one day I needed free.

So of course I had an exam scheduled that day, and the day after. 

Originally I was just going to cut my losses and not go. Have a cry and a pout about it, but suck it up. But then it became apparent that we need to take every opportunity to see them while we still can.

Suddenly, the hurdles didn’t seem so impossible anymore. 

April 13, I woke up at 8am, and wrote an exam at 9am. At 11:30, I took a cab to the VIA station. VIA train left at 1:10, and got into Toronto around 3:50. Hour and a half layover in Toronto, then a GO Train to Hamilton, and another cab to the venue.

I love public transit. No, really. 

When I got to the venue, I arrived slightly after an older man. As I was checking in (there were no formal tickets), I heard him say that his last name was McCormick, and his son was a Worm. So, it was Mike’s dad. 

It was general seating in the auditorium, so I picked a seat halfway up, slightly disappointed in my choice. The lower half appeared to be all blocked off for special guests (ie, rich people who had sponsored the show). But then I noticed that some sections were not blocked off. Not great seats - kind of way over to the sides, but I went to check them out. Then I noticed that the very first two rows were also free. I debated for a second, then took my place in the very front row in front of Chris. 

Now that I realize it, it wasn’t really the best idea; it made it very hard to film anything. Too bad, too, since I brought my new camera, which takes HD video. (It also claims to take 3D photos, but I have no way of testing that.). I did get some, but not a lot, and it isn’t very good because of the angle, and the fact that I was trying to hide that I was filming, so my fingers are in the way a lot of the time and the autofocus is off. 

The theatre began to fill up; perhaps fill up isn’t the right word because it was not a sold out show by any means. I suspect the fact that the Worms did almost no advertising for it might have contributed to that. Maybe they need an assistant to help update the website! I work for hugs, guys...

Anyway, my point there was just that no one sat in the front row with me. I pulled my laptop out and studied before the show started because I have an exam tomorrow at 2pm. In Kingston. 4 hours away from where I am currently.

I told you I was hardcore.

Anyway, the show began. Mike tuned his guitar while Trevor started the into, and Trevor noted that he was actually tuning, because usually he doesn’t bother. Mike replied that it was the second time this year! (that he’d tuned it). Trevor picked up on the announcer saying that it had been 5 years since their last show there, and said that the audience was looking old. But they (the Worms) weren’t. Because they had used creams. This made Chris and Mike laugh, and Trevor said that was why Chris grew a beard, to hide the fact that he was getting old. Then Chris said that it wasn’t a beard, it was just cream that he’d left on too long. This cracked up Mike and Trevor.

Mike is from Hamilton, so they riffed on that for awhile. He’s from the mountain, so he thinks that other mountains also only have one side. (Ed: The Hamilton Mountain is actually an escarpment; it has a shear face on the one side and then is really flat on top.) Trevor said that Mike was really confused when they moved to BC, because he couldn’t believe the Rockies were real. And they had snow on top! White snow! Snow is meant to be brown, like in his childhood home. They decided that was Mike’s new Christmas song. 

I did write down the set list, although I was doing it from memory during intermission, so some songs may be out of order. I’ll do my best.

  1. We are the Beaver - they call it “the first one.” For a long time I didn’t get it, until I realized ohhhh, they call it that because its the first one on the list! At least, I think that’s the joke. 
  2. Twins - I’m not a HUGE fan of this song, but it’s okay. Chris kind of faltered a bit on the “you buy the album and then you read it...please buy...” part. I think he missed a line, or forgot it, or something.
  3. Rocks and Trees - the lead up to this was hysterical. Mike started the usual intro, then somehow got onto the topic of driving by H-S with his dad as a child, and asking if he could go there, and his dad replied, “no son, we’re poor and you’re stupid.” (H-S is a very exclusive, very wealthy private school). That got a laugh, with Trevor pointing out that Mike is still poor and stupid. But Mike countered with “it doesn’t matter if you’re stupid, if you can channel it well. It gets you nowhere, but there are busses (to get you somewhere. I think. It was fairly incoherent by this point). Trevor cracked right up. 

I thought there might be a chance I would be Water; I didn’t really want to (I have a very soft voice and I cannot yell at all) but he picked a girl sitting in the row behind me. A girl! He never picks females! There is hope for us ladies yet. Anyway, she was really shy and kind of missed her cue a bit. It was kind of cute, actually. She tried! 

4. Big Box Store - Trevor joked that Hamilton had lit all it’s environment on fire and burned it. Then he did the “that speaker, is part of my environment...Chris, you are part of my environment...” Chris replied with “I’m not comfortable with that...” And Mike yelled “LIGHT HIM ON FIRE!” Fortunately, there was no bassist immolation. 

5. Rippy - I was really hoping they’d play this! I didn’t used to like that song, but suddenly I can’t stop watching my video of it from Burlington 2008 (as seen on Youtube, in Part 3, I believe) I wanted to video it, but I was a little skittish about filming, and also like I said the angle was really bad so it wouldn’t have turned out. After the “Peter the Postage Stamp,” line, Mike went and sat down on the little stairs leading to the stage, and made sad faces through the railings. It was great. 

Another great moment - in the intro when they say how Justin Bieber makes a lot of money despite his lack of talent, Trevor said that they have three times as much lack of talent, which made Chris and Mike laugh. Mike said maybe they needed better haircuts. Trevor said, “or maybe some of us just need hair...maybe you can borrow some of Chris’” 

6. Pressure Washer - Good song. I like it.

7. Log Into You - I’m not a fan of this song. I really like the lyrics, but the actual performance of it I don’t care for. Maybe its because I wasn’t around for the Power Rock Love Ballad, although Chris pinpointed 1987 for his favourite year of music, and  I was alive during that year (I was 1 year old, but I was there), anyway I digress. The part where Chris “kicks” Trevor in the face made me, and several audience members, gasp out loud. Even though I know it’s fake, Chris came REALLY close to actually making contact (for a second I thought he had!)

8. I am Cow - I was really confused to see this in the first set, and for a second I wondered if this was only a one-set show! I knew if Celine Dion was next, then we were out of luck. Fortunately, we were in luck, because the next song was...

9. Wolfe Island Ferry! - at first I thought they were leading into Gaelic Song and was disappointed, because I HATE Gaelic Song. But then it wasn’t! I wrote down the dialogue in the intro only to realize I’d got it on camera, so I won’t recount it hear, but let’s just say it involved the words “footal hygiene.” 

Thus ended Act 1. 

A few random notes and observations:

Chris kept walking over to the podium at the side of the stage and looking at something on it (piece of paper?) but I don’t know what it was

There were no guitar stands, they just laid their instruments on top of the cases. Chris is using a hardshell case for his bass instead of the brown gig-bag he usually has.

Mike kept stepping on a pedal between songs, but not sure what it was - a tuner maybe? Speaking of tuning, I think he switches between tunings for different songs - that must be a pain.

I was siting so close, I could actually hear Chris tuning his bass, and I could hear his fingernails rasping on the strings. 

Mike has the LONGEST LEGS I have ever seen on a human being. 


Chris - Blue checkered collared shirt (short sleeves), with white T-Shirt underneath; navy sweater-vest (and not the cardivest from the Prince George vids. Vestigan?). Dark blue pants. Blue Converse.

Trevor - Black and pink plaid-ish shirt (same as Prince George vids), with grey TShirt underneath. Ashy-grey dress pants. Red Converse. Hair starting to grow out a bit.

Mike: Green stripy shirt, black pants, green Converse.

Part 2 coming tomorrow!

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